Convert ACT! to

Using our Exporter product, we will export your ACT! database and then import the exported files into Zoho.

The Cost.............

FREE--200 contact sample import

Basic Conversion
$500 Contacts, Accounts with up to custom field setup (up to 50 fields)
$100 5 MB Note  (typical 30K records)
$100 5 MB History and Activity  (typical 30K records)
$700 Minimum  Conversion
Additional Charges
$100 Opportunities (up to 5 MB)
$100 Secondary Contacts-ACT! 2005+  Alt Contacts-ACT! 4-6  (up to 5MB)
$50 Additional 5 MB blocks of any record types
Note  Attachments cannot be imported into Zoho.  The path to the attachment will be imported as a history record

What's imported.............

Secondary Contacts (additional charge)
Companies as Accounts
Notes as Notes
Histories as Activity History
Activities as Open Activities (Tasks)
Opportunities  (additional charge)
Leads (additional charge)
Custom fields  (> 25 additional charge)

The differences between ACT! and Zoho.............

Account Assignment

When the import files are prepared, each contact is assigned an account using the following rules.

  • If a contact belongs to an ACT! company, the account information for that contact will be taken from the ACT! company data.

  • If a contact does not belong to an ACT! company and the company name is present in the contact’s record, then this company name will be used to create the Zoho account.

  • If a contact does not belong to an ACT! company and does not have a company in the record, the contact will be assigned to a Zoho account ACT! Blank Company - Reassign

Blank Contacts

If the Contact name is blank and there is a Company name, then the contact will be named Contact at companyname.


ACT! companies can have three address fields. only has two.  When ACT! company data is used to populate the Zoho Account addresses the following rules are used:

  • If the ACT! company billing address field is blank, the ACT! address is moved to the Zoho billing address.

  • If both the ACT! company and billing addresses contain data, the ACT! company address is put into a field which will need to be created labeled, ACT_Company_Address.


There are no groups in Zoho.  However, they can be simulated using Zoho views.  Exporter provides a field labeled GroupMembership which contains a list of all the groups the contact belongs to.  This field can be used to set up Views in Zoho.  You can find instructions on setting up Views in the Resources section of this web site.