About Us

JL Technical was founded in 1988.  We create software tools to help IT,sales  and marketing professionals manage data from ACT! databases.

About the Principals

Linda Keating has been involved in both the engineering and marketing aspects of the computer industry for over 30 years.  She has taught marketing classes at UC Santa Cruz extension program; been an invited speaker at the Inc Magazine High Tech Marketing Conference.  She was an ACT! Certified Consultant for twelve years (1994-2007).  Linda published several articles in the ACT! in Action newsletter and acted as technical reviewer for IDG's ACT! 4.0 for Dummies.   Linda has developed several add-on tools for ACT! which include the company's current offering Exporter.  Quoting a colleague "Linda is arguably responsible for more migrations away from ACT! than any other human."

Prior to joining JL Technical in 1994, Linda was a Marketing Product and Program manager for Sony Microsystems and Zilog.  She has a BS in Mathematics and MBA in Management Science.