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The Exporter software exports  ACT! data  from the  Contact, Groups, Company, Notes, History, Activity, Sales/Opportunity, Group Membership  into several standard formats which can be used for import into a wide variety of applications.  

It supports all windows ACT! versions --  ACT! 3 from Symantec to ACT! by Swiftpage 2016 (V18).

Easy to Use interface.  Answer five questions -- What type of output do you want?; How to access the ACT! database?; Where is the ACT! database? ; Where will the exported data be saved?

All Data Exported.  Notes, history, activity and opportunity items are exported and easily linked with their parent records.

Works without ACT! .  Exporter does not require that you have ACT! on your system.

Builds Account records.  Builds Account records matching on the Contact Company or the Company name +State, +City or +zip.  If Companies weren't used in ACT!, the Exporter software will group contacts for import into CRM software systems that require Accounts.

Conversion Analysis.  Includes a lists of fields in each table including the type, size, populated count, and pick list information.

Exports ALL user defined fields.  ACT! allows the user to rename user fields and create new fields.  These fields and their associated custom names are exported so they can be used in the target application.

Reassign Users.  Allows ACT! users to be reassigned to target system users.

Filters.  Allow the user to export portions of the database.  Selections can be made on History Types, Users, Dates and Groups.

Convert ACT! Notes from .rtf to standard text.  ACT! stores notes in .rtf format.  While this allows fancy formatting within ACT!  most other applications can not use this format.  Therefore, any note stored in rtf format is converted to standard text. 

Export File Types

CSV/Excel   All tables are exported in Windows standard comma delimited or TAB delimited format.  All files exported can be open with MS Excel.

ACCESS  All tables are exported into an Access database.  The relationships between the tables are created.

Salesforce.com  Comma delimited files are exported which can be imported into Salesforce.  A conbined file including Contact and Account data is created to allow easy import using the Salesforce Import Wizzard.  A field including a list of the ACT! groups can be used to easily build Salesforce views.  A block field containg all notes and history records for the contact is included for easy loading.  Or, individual notes and history records can be migrated using the Apex DataLoader, Jitterbit and/or Dataloader.io applications.  (Does not include SalesforceIQ.)

Zoho  Comma delimited files are returned which can be easily imported into ZOHO using the Zoho Data Migration Too.    ACT! fields are renamed to simplify the conversion process.  A list of the ACT! fields which did not automatically map to Zoho fields is complied to allow the user to transfer the ACT! custom fields to Zoho.

License and Price

One license allows the Exporter software to be used for an unlimited number of full extracts from up to 5 unique ACT! databases.  There is no restriction to the number times the Exporter software can be used.  The Exporter software does not have an expiration date.  There is no restriction on the number of times or unique databases that the Exporter software can be used in evaluation mode.

Price:  $249.95

System Requirements

If exporting from ACT! 4-6, ACT! is not required.

If using the Exporter SQL instance or a 2008 SQL Express server from Microsoft, ACT! is not required.

For export to Access, Access must be on the system. 

NOTE:  A single table can not exceed 2GB.  Because the Exporter has to combine data from several different tables in the SQL database,  the contact and company tables created for export can become quite large.
We recommend the upper limit of an ACT! 2005+ database not to exceed 100K contacts and/or company records.  If you need to export more than that, the database should be split.